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Teenagers and new clothes

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Millerr Tue 30-May-17 12:09:52

I was just wondering what other people do in relation to teenagers (under 16) wanting new clothes? My little brother is 15 and seems to want something new every week. Obviously we buy all the basics but he is into expensive clothes and it is adding up.

Wondering if we should try an allowance, or just get the more expensive things for birthdays/Christmas or something else entirely...

Qtipsrsweet Tue 30-May-17 12:37:48

I had the problem with my daughter forever wanting new clothes/shoes every week. Instead of giving her, her weekly pocket money, she has it in a lump sum on her "go Henry" at the start of each month. If she wants something then fine she can get it, but she also knows that when her money is gone, it's gone and there will not be anything till the following month. It's been great, she thinks she's getting a great deal. And she's actually realizing the cost of things aswell.

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