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My DS has applied for the RAF - anyone got any experience?

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BG2015 Sun 06-Nov-16 19:17:15

He hates college. He says sitting in a classroom bores him, which I knew it would. He wants to be out in the world and he wants to earn money.

He's not highly academic and had to work hard to get his 6 GCSE's.

He's looked into apprenticeships but they are few and far between now.

He talked about the military a while ago and last week finally applied. Reading online the process is quite arduous and tough. He's still keen - but I doubt he knows the full reality of what he's letting himself in for.

It would be great for him as he's losing his way a bit with mates that lead him astray and no real focus.

Anyone else gone or going through this?

yeOldeTrout Tue 08-Nov-16 21:55:55

Am on a parallel track! 17yo DS started applying for the Army 9 months ago. It's all taking forever but he still hopes to start boot camp in March. Latest problem is some missing medical form. The surgery hasn't been organised (understatement of the year).

Going in on officer track is better, if your son can get UCAS points.

DS wouldn't even consider college, and he gets a bit of air sickness so had ruled out RAF... that said, we watch all the squaddie-documentary programmes & DS is beginning to wonder if he should aim for Paras.

Brightermornings Tue 08-Nov-16 22:01:34

My son is halfway through his training for the RAF. He had I think 3 interviews a fitness test an online test a medical. Then he had to go to one of the bases for a couple of nights for more tests!! It does take a few months from start to finish. He is slightly older early twenties. He is enjoying it but it is hard.

BG2015 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:18:17

Thanks ladies for your insight.

My DS was sat waiting for me when I got in from work tonight. He says he hates college - he's doing IT and graphic design. He was pushed into the design aspect really. He had tidied his room and was really pleading his case. I don't think he's been totally honest about his attendance at college.

He's applied for an apprenticeship tonight at a local firm to us. He knows he can't do 'nothing' so a job/apprenticeship could be a good move until the RAF ball gets going.

It's so difficult.

yeOldeTrout Wed 09-Nov-16 05:27:41

apprenticeship is a minimum of 1 yr commitment.

If this is a brand new idea, he'd do well to start getting fit: DS runs, swims, weights.

Brightermornings Wed 09-Nov-16 07:11:05

My ds started getting his fitness level up in about January. He started boxing and running.

Ambergold Wed 09-Nov-16 21:34:16

He needs to thoroughly practice for the aptitude test, there is a lot of help on line, also research the RAF as during the interview stage they can tell whether it's your life long dream or just a wim.
The medical is very intense, any minor issues are flagged up, especially back and joint problems. He would need to really understand his medical history and be able to discuss this clearly and factually with the RAF doctor, they use a private medical service and it's very easy to be rejected and then have to appeal.
The level of fitness he needs cannot be underestimated. It takes a lot of dedication and single mindedness to get through the process.
If he looks at the RAF website it has all the information he needs, and also visit the recruitment centre they will be able to help him with the process.
He'd be better off doing the BTEC Public Service course at college, and make sure he has plenty of team work experience as that is one of the things they are keen on.
Hope that helps a

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