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Advice please R.E social media

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FantasyAndHope Thu 03-Nov-16 22:35:44

I've posted on a few threads not looking for advice but I've had a reply from various different authorities involved.
DD is in a beauty group on Facebook and used to regularly buy glitters off a woman to cut a story short she never sent some, we left it. Then she started accusing DD of ringing police and other groups like that on her DD hasn't. The abuse ranges from racial to physical to emotional abuse and women aged 22-40+ attacking DD. I rang the police in the woman's area they can and will deal with it but DD feels it will be made worse because the women are not in the same area and what if she continues to post on Facebook? She also likens DD to harvey price. I want to carry on and take it further but just looking for others opinions
DD is 18 btw was 18 in September but this has being going on since June

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Northernsoul58 Fri 04-Nov-16 09:34:58

Your DD should block anyone who issues abuse on her Facebook and get on with her life. You and your DD are not responsible for policing the whole internet. You have done what you can by calling the police about the original woman.

FantasyAndHope Fri 04-Nov-16 10:41:09

DD has blocked them and they make fake accounts etc.. it is the racist and vile comments I'm concerned about

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thineisTHElife82 Fri 04-Nov-16 14:23:55

Dd needs to make a new account with a name change then. Dont add piks of herself or any family (sad i know ive had to do it myself) and only add requests off people she knows like friends family etc.she needs to keep her wall totally private and not clik on links. It can a pain but if she wants this to stop then either this or totally removing fb is the only way. It can be a pain but she will feel better for it the long run. Good luck. Social networks are the main places for trouble now. As long as her current account is active they will keep on. Deactivate it.start a fresh.
Hope you and dd get it sorted soon

FantasyAndHope Fri 04-Nov-16 14:31:56

It's being happening today so regardless of what DD says I got back in touch with the police and told them to go see the woman. Ironically she takes my name in schoool etc and on Facebook but Instagram and Twitter her dads name so school can't find may be worth changing on Facebook too.her wall is blocked and only allows messages and tagged pictures she gets pictures of DD from her friends and the group she has messaged DDs friends social media accounts
It is deeply upsetting for DD especially as she is doing alevels so it's stressing her out,but I cannot believe the childish behaviour of grown women

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