First time hosting foreign students - anyone else doing it in st albans?

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fificrystaltips Wed 03-Aug-16 12:29:24

Hi All,

I could do with some advice from anyone who has either previously hosted foreign students or is also doing it for the first time like me!
Ideally, would like to hear from anyone in St Albans area. I have some many questions I could ask, at the moment questioning myself why I decided to do this!! I have 2 students comming to stay for nearly a year in a few weeks time.
I do enjoy looking after people but am a bit concerned that I will end up costing myself more money in trying to keep everyone happy. I'm bit unsure how I handle things like social trips, e.g they have already expressed an interest in going to Harry Potter Studios which costs quite a bit, surely they pay for this but at the same time I feel a bit mean? Help!
By the way, this is my first message on mumsnet, so be gentle with me ;-)

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Timetogetup0630 Wed 03-Aug-16 14:16:43

I do understand as I have a very sweet Japanese girl staying with me at the moment. I am paid for hosting her, but I was determined to give her a special treat and so spent most of the money on a day trip to London
( Buckingham Palace) for her, my DD and myself. She did offer to pay for her train ticket, and being polite I said " oh no, don't you worry about that". Now I am kicking myself for not accepting the offer as I could have used the £40 for food the remainder of the week !

She has spent the rest of the week spending huge sums of money shopping in Oxford and Bath and obviously has plenty to spare !

As you would with any other teenagers :
Set ground rules.
Explain how much things cost.
Get them to look for special offers, discounts and two for ones online etc.
Encourage them to pay for things themselves.
Get them to help with jobs around the house.
Take up any offers to cook a meal

Your role is to feed them, do the housekeeping, provide friendship and emotional support and suggest places to go and things to do.
Accept that sometimes they might just want to hang out at home and watch TV or play computer games.

Don't try to organise to much, as you will just end up exhausted.
Take time to listen to them and learn about their lives and their home country.
Good luck !

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