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teen mornings and self help audio

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minniebeaky Sat 09-Jul-16 13:24:25

My 17 year old son is very tense and anxious about academic pressure and the future. The mornings are horrendous as we have a real struggle to get him out of bed. He lies there for ages, while we get increasingly worried as we ourselves have to leave for work. He can be very aggressive and rude at these times, eventually getting out of bed really late, so he is always late for school and keeps getting detention. I remember when I had similar problems when young I had some really good recordings, one you played at night going to bed, and one for the morning, which really helped. They were by Claire Weekes the Australian expert on nervous disorders, but no longer seem to be available. Does anyone else know of any similar CDs that are available? Or have any general tips about getting teens out of bed and avoiding the morning horrors? I dread waking him every morning; it's an hour of nagging followed by an ugly scene every time. Thank you.

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DampSqid Sun 10-Jul-16 01:42:32

Can you leave him to suffer the consequences. I used to leave them to it at that age. If he gets detentions and fails his exams then it's his fault not yours.

Tell him you will support him if he is doing his bit (studying/chores) but that it's time for him to start being responsible for himself otherwise you are withdrawing from providing extras . He is forcing you to have a bad relationship with him.

If he is 17 then, presumably, he might be at Uni, working or doing an apprenticeship in a year or so time. You need to be making him responsible for himself.

I didn't even wake them or make breakfast for them at that age.

jaxxyj Sun 10-Jul-16 10:43:48

I got my daughter on to Andrew Johnson hypnotherapy app relaxation also available on YouTube, she then paid for a one specifically on exam stress and used it regularly.

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