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When do all the bitchy dramas end?!

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Hetty3838 Sat 02-Jan-16 22:47:49

DD is 14 , in year 10. Since year 9 her social life seems to just be a massive bitch fest confused.

There is never a week goes by without some fall out or another. Mainly petty issues involving girls stirring things up, DD is very easy to wind up and I feel a few use her to fight their battles a bit, load her up and point her. I know she shouldn't but she has HF ASD and ADHD and is very easy to get going. She doesn't see they are stirring she really buys into it all "she said I was ugly to blah blah I'm going to message her". It's been a really dramatic year I even had another parent phoning up and threatening me over DD and her DDs argument. Thankfully no physical fights just arguments and lots of them angry.
When do they cut this crap?! It's becoming quite consuming and affects how DD is at home quite a lot. I can see where she goes wrong and tell her but I do feel sad for her when they all pretend they are grounded then post pictures of them all out together knowing DD will see then confront them , then it's another battle.

Hetty3838 Sun 03-Jan-16 17:16:48

A fresh mega drama today which will make first day back fun hmm.

BabyGanoush Sun 10-Jan-16 16:20:40

I don't know if it stops.

At 17 maybe? When they are a bit more grown up?

Age 14-15 is so hard!

ChuckitintheBucket Sun 10-Jan-16 16:36:47

In my experience it's all calmed down now they are in year 11, too busy studying for their GCSE's I think, and maybe some of them growing up a bit.

DadKeepsCalm1 Sun 10-Jan-16 17:02:42

My dd is 15, I find their is constantly someone the group has a problem with/ has sent to Coventry its tiresome.

To be honest having three teens it seems to be that both genders are bitchy and petty.

rainbowunicorn Tue 12-Jan-16 10:15:03

Judging by my current workplace not until they hit around 30

fortifiedwithtea Tue 12-Jan-16 10:22:44

My DD1 is 17. Judging by most recent drama I would say the boys are just as bad.

lavazzzalover Tue 12-Jan-16 22:19:42

I have a 13 yr old and 11yr old DD's. bitch fest in full flow. and most of the time they mention the same girls. the queen bees as I call them.

im hoping it will end when eldest is 21......

Hetty3838 Tue 12-Jan-16 22:53:45

I was told year 9 was the worst that was not true! Year 10 has so far been a major bitch fest . DDs phone pings away nightly with dramas a plenty. At first she kicked against it and used to say "I like her I'm not getting involved". Those days are well and truly over now!

mull66 Tue 12-Jan-16 23:55:00

Drama will really never end but hopefully friendship groups will settle down usually in year 11 they solidly somewhat

rogueantimatter Wed 13-Jan-16 10:16:29

I sympathise. It must be awful being a teenager with the 24/7 communicating. Would she agree to leaving her phone out of her room after 10pmish perhaps? my DD went mad at that suggestion

Try to keep her busy with activities outside of school perhaps. Sport, drama, music, church, DofE, volunteering......

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