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Bulimia-how to help my 18yr old daughter

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Worried1mum Tue 28-Jul-15 07:33:11

my daughter is binging and purging, at the least this is happening every evening, I am not sure how often each evening as she is quite secretive about it. she has lost quite a lot of weight 2-3 dress sizes. she was unwell a couple of months ago and I think maybe the persistent cough was making her gag and be sick and the cycle has continued from there.
She has a history of cutting herself and had counselling and she appears to not have relapsed into that. She knows I know and I am trying really hard to keep out limited venue of communication open or she does have a tendency to shut everyone out, I try not to nag her about it but I really feel she needs some help, if too much pressure is applied she will just cut herself of and the depression will become deeper.
How do I help her get to the right place to have the confidence to see she needs help to deal with this and then take the step to get that help?

Worried1mum Tue 28-Jul-15 10:33:10

Any one, any advice or ideas?

Dancingqueen17 Thu 30-Jul-15 02:49:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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