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Teens can surprise you!

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Feellikescrooge Mon 29-Dec-14 10:09:35

I live in a quite isolated beachside property and the wind on Saturday night caused some damage in my garden. Yesterday I was struggling to move some branches when two boys, about 15, called over the wall to offer to help. I gratefully accepted and within 20 mins there were 3 more. They proceeded to spend the next two hours helping me. By the end my garden was totally cleared of any damage. Apart from hot drinks and cake they refused any money/ reward and claimed they had fun! I would love to be able to tell their parents what a credit to them they are. I might put a notice on the board in the village post office!

R4roger Mon 29-Dec-14 10:19:05

that is amazing. i was sure they would be after money

LastingLight Mon 29-Dec-14 10:21:26

What a lovely story, thanks for sharing!

Pixa Mon 29-Dec-14 10:25:54

How lovely and refreshing. Very sweet indeed. smile

OddBoots Mon 29-Dec-14 10:26:42

Aww, there are many great teens out there.

CuttedUpPear Mon 29-Dec-14 10:30:47

Aw that's lovely

bettyboop1970 Mon 29-Dec-14 12:43:17

That's really great to hear. It seems to me that only negative comments are written about teenagers, never positive so thanks for sharing this.

magimedi Mon 29-Dec-14 13:16:07

How lovely.

I would certainly put a note of thanks on village notice board.

alloyd Mon 29-Dec-14 17:39:13

That was very kind of them. I would definitely leave a message on the village notice board because our youth have a stereotype of being lazy, ungrateful etc.

GaryBaldy Mon 29-Dec-14 17:50:35

I know teens usually get a slating, so it is nice to hear things like this. IME teenage boys are delightful.

catsofa Mon 29-Dec-14 19:32:00

I worked with teens for 12 years. Loads of them are really lovely, and I wish our society was not so prejudiced against them. It causes such hurt and damage that so many people assume the worst of them and don't take them seriously. Yes do leave a thank you in a place where others can see it, they will be chuffed if they see it and you will help your community to value its young people. They clearly deserve it!

Last year during the worst of the snow cars were having trouble getting up a short slope on a bit of main road outside my house. Some young lads I recognised stopped walking and helped to push a car up the slope until it gained enough traction to keep going. Then ran back and did the same for the next car. Then a van came along so they recruited a passer-by to help with that. They stayed for maybe half an hour, and kept the road open which would otherwise have been blocked with abandonned cars. I could see they weren't accepting cash or anything, just doing it simply for the fun of doing something physical and helping people out.

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