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mum69 Wed 29-Oct-14 21:41:28

Help please! I am devistated to find out that my 15 year old son is taking marijuana for last 3-4 months (5-6 times in total if it is correct!). He is going to park with his friends and smoke together night time. I saw a text message sent to a drug dealer to get some weed! Talked to him calmly and explained and he said no more... NOt sure to alert other mums or just became blind eyed teenagers futures are being wasted away..I allowed him go to a party today (2 days after I found out as I desperately want to believe him that it is all over). The worst thing is that he steal money to buy the drug 3 times.
I feel numb and dead. Please help

Jayne35 Thu 30-Oct-14 13:37:52

Not a lot to offer you, didn't just want to read and run. My DS16 does smoke weed (he lives with his Dad so I don't have much control) and he has smoked it for a couple of years. We went through a patch of thefts to pay for it but I think we have come out the other side and he has started an apprenticeship. You can advise and nag even but it's very difficult to stop them short of following them everywhere. I would clamp down on the stealing though (I reported to police). I pointed out that I know adults who smoke it and I don't take issue with it BUT they earn money and pay for their own weed!

Heyho111 Sat 01-Nov-14 23:35:14

This is much more common than people realise. Tbh i think most teens dabble in smoking it. I'm not saying it's right.
Feel happy that your sons use of it is infrequent.
I think your doing the right thing. Talk to him about the danger of regular use. Tell him that taking money is not acceptable.
Suggest he gets a little job. This will help him value money and make him think about what he wants to spend it on.
You are also lucky that he feels able to talk to you about it. This is not common where boys are concerned.
I wouldn't tell the other parents. I would only talk to another parent if I felt there was a serious problem.
I'm sure that your son is just social smoking weed and that it how it will stay. This won't help you stop worrying. But if he is sensible and bought up with values (which sounds he very much is ) the odds are heavily stacked in his favour to be just fine.

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