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Not sure what I am asking for here...

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cory Wed 12-Jun-13 11:19:02

Has he only just been told of the detention, or had he been told before but just conveniently chosen to shove it to the back of his mind (have teenage son of my own...)? If the school had given him time to tell you of the detention then they probably assumed the transport matter was sorted. If they hadn't, then it sounds like different people not communicating. Or is there a possibility that he was given detention today because he had not fulfilled whatever the criteria were for making up for the incident the other day (again thinking of teenage son of my own...)?

Feelslikea1sttimer Wed 12-Jun-13 10:45:34

I am not sure whether I am asking for advice or just using this as a way to rant (everybody else is out!)

Yesterday afternoon, I received a text from school to say that for todays cricket match the children need to leave school at 2pm and parents have to transport as the school minibus is unavailable... Ok, so I arrange this and make changes to my routine to accomodate! At last nights rugby match another parent asks if I can give their child a lift as they are at work which is fine, we help each other out where we can...

So 20 minutes ago, my son calls me from school to say that he now has detention after school and cannot play in the cricket match (this was for an incident that happened last Thursday and hearing just the one side, doesn't sound like a detention worthy offence!)

My rant is that, school haven't called me to tell me this, are they going to make arrangements to take the other child to the cricket match...? Are they going to inform me before I turn up at school at 2pm to collect both children? As DS should not have called me from his mobile as they are not allowed to use them in school so in their minds there is no way of me knowing this...

I guess this should have gone into AIBU, so AIBU to at least expect a phonecall from school letting me know of these changes? And shall I be a PITA parent and turn up to make my point at 2pm?

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