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Advice for teenage boy

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anniepanniepears Wed 12-Jun-13 18:26:00

I mean kids do things different from when I was young
about 40 years ago lol

chocoluvva Tue 11-Jun-13 21:34:18

Sorry - I don't get your drift.

anniepanniepears Tue 11-Jun-13 21:27:12

choco I think the rules are a bit different from when I was a teenager many moons ago

chocoluvva Tue 11-Jun-13 20:05:01

My DD who is 16 was funny/odd in a similar way to your DS's friend recently; a friend who's a boy texted her to say he was on his way round to pick up something he'd left behind. She had just changed into her pyjamas and taken off her make-up and reckoned she couldn't see him like that. He thought she was being silly which annoyed her and she was inexplicably furious at him just dropping in. I was completely confused

Obviously that's no consolation to your DS, but I thought I'd share it as it seems that teenage girls can be very odd sometimes.

anniepanniepears Tue 11-Jun-13 19:53:49

Thanks Folks
He is 17, I just feel bad for him and really
don't know what advice to give him,
he is gutted heartbreaking to watch .
probably the first of many

monikar Tue 11-Jun-13 09:21:59

Yes, I agree, she was probably flustered as she had her girlfriends there. He probably hasn't done anything - just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How old are they? My DD is 17 and her and her girlfriends say all sorts of awful things to their 'boy' friends which really make me cringe at times. They seem to get over it very quickly though - there have been many times she has come back from a party/outing/school with tales of woe of something that a boy did to annoy her. In the past, I would have helpful (well, I thought they were helpful) suggestions as to how to patch it up, but now I find that after a day or two it has all sorted itself out and they are friends again. They seem to be able to move on very quickly.

Your poor DS, I can understand how upset he is though. As a few days have passed, this girl may have moved on from it - if you want to suggest something, then perhaps a text? In this way he does not lose face in front of people if she does not respond.

Good luck, it's hard having teens.

HeySoulSister Tue 11-Jun-13 08:14:51

Sounds like she was embarrassed. Girls that age can be odd! I have 2!

Maybe she has a boyfriend and doesn't know how to tell him?

ssd Tue 11-Jun-13 08:13:50

the poor wee soul!

who knows what he's done, its probably nothing to do with him though

hugs for him x

anniepanniepears Tue 11-Jun-13 08:11:05

The past couple of weeks have been great for my son,
just passed his driving test first time , got an apprenticeship and loves it,has started to save for a car everything
Here is where his bubble has burst his friend a female who he has been friends with for over a year now does not want to be his friend any more
as he went to her house on sat morning with tickets for a gig they both wanted to go to and she apparently was angry at him as he turned up uninvited and her girl friends were there .
could any of you wise ladies give me any advice for him as he seems so down as he does not know what he has done wrong,
my son has not got a bad bone in his body and he see thing as right or wrong
I know we have all been there and it is part of growing up
thanks for any advice I just feel so sorry for him and dont know what to say

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