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son depressed

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smileyforest Thu 21-Feb-13 20:51:05

Oh thanks for replying....
Im a bit all over the place too.... quite shocked with the speed of it all...also the new wife to be is exH was EA.....just a difficult time atm x

cloudhands Thu 21-Feb-13 08:44:20

oh your poor son, he must be feeling so sad and confused at this time, and it must be hard for you all. He will get over it, and bounce back in time I'm sure.
For you to be there to your son, is all he needs, and just to know that he is safe and loved by you will help enormously, so I wouldn't worry so much about saying the right thing, but just being there as a listener,
How are you feeling about it all? Do you think you could be a good listener to him or do you feel like your own emotions about the situation would get in the way.
I love the Hand in Hand parenting approach which has some great advice about how to listen to our children, or teenagers, and how that can help them open up to us, so really all your son needs to know, is that you are there, that you love him. If he opens up and talks about it, that will be something that could help him a lot, this is an article I love about how to talk and listen to teenagers,
Supporting our Adolescent Children
good luck!

smileyforest Wed 20-Feb-13 23:14:52

My 16y old son is very, very low due his Dad remarrying so quick after our Divorce....he dosen't know his potential stepmum well at all... I dont know what to say to make it any easier....

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