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Where have your best holidays been with your teens?

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triplets Mon 21-Jan-13 00:30:03

Hi, I am struggling to know where on earth we can holiday with our 15yr old triplets, girl and two boys. In the past life was easy, but since 2009 their Dad has been battling bowel cancer, currently in remisssionsmile We haven`t flown since 2007, our last holiday was our best ever, 4 weeks touring the West Coast of America. We would love to return, but its been a nightmare to try and get him travel inurance. So.....we need a holiday, we need inspiration for short breaks etc. We have had breaks in Center Parcs which we have all enjoyed but now only affordable if we take them out of school. School refused us last year to take them out for one day, despite their Dads illness. Last summer we had a week in Sherwood Forest with Forest Holidays, lovely lodge with a hot tub. Trouble was nothing to do except walks, then dd had her period so couldn`t even use the hot tub! She hates to be seen with us, and won`t go off with her brothers!! We can`t take a friend as we only have 5 seats in the car, we have suggested PGL but none of her friends wants to go! Its a nightmare isn`t it? We all love animals, forests, nature..............but then they want theme parks and shops and take aways too! Any suggestions please for what you have done in UK, or maybe a cruise, or all inclusive etc abroad.......................very open to suggestions! We are not the youngest of parents, so what we might want to do won`t appeal to them. Just trying to find something for everyone...................thank you!

chocoluvva Sat 26-Jan-13 22:34:27

Probably not relevant, but can be part of a cruise - Iceland?

Thermal springs, glaciers, volcanoes, northern lights.

Not that I've been myself. DS's secondary school had a geog trip there which was a great success and looked fabulous.

KatieScarlett2833 Sun 27-Jan-13 10:14:26

We're off in July after kids finished exams. Barcelona, Cannes, Lisbon, etc. DS and DH are going to some football stadium in Barcelona while DD and I have planned to hit the shops. As I said previously, something for everyone wink
DH and I are going back to Santiago De Compostella(sp) alone as was rather romantic the last time we went, can't wait...

Milliways Sun 27-Jan-13 11:26:55

Another fan of the French campsites here. The large ones have loads of teens & teen clubs. A few years back we drove (2 long days doing Dover/Calais ferry) to just South of Barcelona, to the Sanguli Campsite (stayed with Thomson Alfresco). Lots of people flew there as you could happily not have a car. The beach is right opposite the campsite, as is a huge supermarket. The station is a 20 min walk away for day trips to Barcelona - where you can get open top bus tours, and there is SO much to see.
Best for DS - Portaventura is in the same town so we had passes that allowed us to come & go as we pleased (we did take the car - 10min drive - but buses run).
The campsite had great pools and the usual evening entertainments and onsite restaurants & takeaways, and the town had lots of good restaurants as well.
It was VERY hot though (August)

Milliways Sun 27-Jan-13 11:33:25

Spain is more expensive for travel insurance, so a great French campsite for Teens is Prairies de la mer - again, no car needed. Get boat trips to San Tropez, boat trips around Port Grimaud (the resort) and coaches run to Monaco.(We drove though). The campsite has its own beach and there was "Plage rock" taking place so concerts on the beach at night for the teens. If you go there, get a van with a covered deck as it was far too hot without shade for freckly me. The air-con & deck made it perfect, and the village of Port Grimaud is just perfect for wandering around in the evening, eating ice creams, people watching etc.

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