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Counselling for an over anxious child?

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ll31 Mon 07-Jan-13 17:23:04

does he have serious difficulties with subjects or is he just not doing v well at them? if he's not anxious about other stuff i'd concentrate on helping him at them and trying to get him to understand everyone has weaker subjects etc... sorry not much help.. maybe also dont spend any more time discussing them than necessary.. in other words deal with issue as it arises but dont over analyse, try and be matter of fact about it...

Vagaceratops Mon 07-Jan-13 16:14:15

DS is 11 and in year 7 at school.

He is extremely over anxious about his school work, 2 subjects in particular and cries about them on a regular basis (daily at the moment sad)

Has anyone sought counselling for an over anxious child? If so, did it help? I have spoken to the school but its not really an issue that they can fix. They have been great with him, trying to boost his confidence but it just is not working.

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