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Self harm - cutting

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mypussyiscalledCaramel Mon 03-Dec-12 14:30:43

I go on a mental health forum, they have a section on there dealing with self harm. There is a sticky at the top of the section which will help you.

Try this

Lovingfreedom Mon 03-Dec-12 12:23:58

Hi, It has just come to my attention that my DD (15) has cut herself on her arm. She is in quite an 'alternative' crowd who are into emo type music/coloured hair, some of them into piercings etc. Also, we had a difficult year last year where firstly my aunt committed suicide (both my daughter and I were quite close to her) and then my husband and I have separated.
She is usually quite upbeat, has lots of friends, gets on well at school and is popular/successful. She has seemed a little down the last few days and when I talked to her she said it was because of pressure on her to take certain highers and to do certain things with her future. My ex husband is controlling and narcissistic/emotionally abusive. However, my DD usually stands up to him and from what I see deals with him better than I ever did. She and I are close but she is quite guarded about her inner feelings. Any advice/suggestions?

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