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Wheres the support?

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flow4 Wed 28-Nov-12 19:32:39

I agree. When DS1 hit his teens, I didn't know many people with older children, and the few I did know seemed to have angels! hmm I looked for support in lots of places, and managed to get referrals to a couple of services, but none of them worked out. And I hadn't discovered MN at that point. I felt very alone.

Now DS1 is almost out of his teens, and DS2 is about to enter them, I find that I am one of the 'older' parents...

Horsemad Wed 28-Nov-12 19:10:43

I was quite involved with the PTA at primary, but didn't get involved when mine moved to secondary.
I have got a very good friend who has sons a couple of years older than mine, and she's also a teacher so I watch what she does and usually follow her lead!
It helps that we parent in a similar fashion

Sparklingbrook Wed 28-Nov-12 13:34:21

TBH the best support I have is on here.

Sparklingbrook Wed 28-Nov-12 13:33:51

I know exactly what you mean. DS1 (13) goes to a school 12 miles away by school bus. I feel strangely detached.

eatyourveg Wed 28-Nov-12 13:31:39

The best support usually comes from other parents who have children the same age as yours. Parents of your daughter's friends. Have you thought about joining the PSA at your dd's school? You get to meet other parents and its a good way to get to build a relationship with the staff as you rarely see them other than at parents evening or sports day.

Alternatively if your dd's are in a sports team, many parents go along to cheer on the side lines - its easy to get chatting to other mums there.

I know what you mean about senior school not getting out of the car. You can always look on mn for support - there is bound to be someone here who has been in a similar situation or who can point you in the direction of something more specific.

Sorry not to have any answers

OhSoVintage Wed 28-Nov-12 12:23:33

Is it just me or does support run dry for parents as soon as your child hits senior school?

It seems to me I was over run with advice and support when my daughters where under 5 and still had good access to support in her primary years.

Now she's 13 I feel I need support more than ever as in these years they are so venerable and its so important to make the right choices as a parent and to guide them.

Fine if you have built up a support network over the years and have plenty of friends going through the same issues to lean on. But if like me that didnt happen and then suddenly she's at senior school, where its pick up and drop off without getting out of the car. Where then do you turn for support?

Ive looked online and the only parenting support I could find are in deprived areas where most parents are referred via social workers. Thats not my cup of tea!! but I would like to find somewhere similar for normal parents that are trying to bring up their teens the best way they can but would just like some guidance and reassurance from time to time.

Does anything exist to support us? Don't know about any of you but I feel like I need more support now than I did when my daughter was under 5!! just reassurance if nothing else!

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