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Teenage Tantrums, when theyshouild be growing up!

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Hurielle Tue 30-Oct-12 14:36:51

What about my second and younger DD who will be 15 next month. Since birth, virtually, she has been very good at yelling until she got her own way and is adept at finding absolutely cast iron reasons for groundings to be lifted, or money to be spent on her-and YES it IS easier to give in. I am absolutely, definitely to blame for a lot of how things turned out

Tantrums are a daiy occurrence. They often start out as she panics about things like the cats or the guinea pigs as I will be blamed for not getting them the right sort of food or waking them up or some other such (untrue) thing. Other major causes of fights are that she will have lost something-phone, purse, item of clothing, which inevitablyturns up in her bedroom or where she put it. But instead of looking, she puts all her time and energy into interrogating her older sister and me in a highy dramatic way about why we stole it/touched it/borrowed it/lost it...and, as has always been the case with her, no-one can get a word in edgeways to "reason " with her.

Needless to say she dominates the TV control and woe betide anyone who changes channel without her permission...(we do, but there's always a MAJOR outcry). Our latest fight was because she refused to llisten when I suggested she get her school clothes ready for Monday morning. Of course, this morning at 8.30, they weren't. ETc etc

Outside the house she is a very sweet and nice girl who does well at school. There's no question of drugs, drink, boys etc-and she and I can have interesting discussins about her friends, teachers, books, politics etc

Doies anyone ele have tis CONSTANT pressure -What did I do-and what can I do better in future? I am a single Mum-father left 3.5 years ago

Thanks for reading this far

LaCiccolina Tue 30-Oct-12 14:43:21

15 is about testing boundaries. It's also when the brain just acts impulsively the most, consequences matter the least than at nearly any other point in life.

I think the only way to counteract it is consistency by u in ur own reactions. Both of u blowing up will just increase friction. If u say something, mean it or don't bother.

Try not to wring her neck it will get better.....

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