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is Applecare+ worth it? (£109)

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MindfulBear Sun 28-Feb-16 14:53:10

I am looking at replacing my iPhone 4 with an iPhone 6s - new, refurbished or used.....
I was wondering if the extra insurance Apple offer is worth getting...? 2 years coverage - incl accidental damage, telephone tech support, & Covers some accidental damage (incl water damage), incl 2xreplacement of phone (but replacement subject to a £79 excess)

Is this worth getting?

Some guidance would be appreciated!!

andadietcoke Sun 28-Feb-16 14:54:24

I've had AppleCare a few times and never used it. I've never considered it for a phone because I have insurance with my bank account.

MindfulBear Wed 02-Mar-16 00:44:06

I wonder if anyone uses the technical phone support? I assume house insurance does not cover that yet I've had an iPhone for years and never had AppleCare+....!

andadietcoke Wed 02-Mar-16 09:34:23

I think it's good if you're not sure what you're doing, but I live fairly close to an Apple Store so invariably just make an appt at the Genius Bar there.

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