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new hamster

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iloveredwine Sat 13-Feb-16 01:39:26

We have just got a new boy hamster and he won't let us get anywhere near him as bites and then runs and hides. The children are scared of him and I've told them he is nervous and be patient but any ideas how to calm him down?

rosebiggs Sat 13-Feb-16 02:11:52

Don't try to pick him up. Put your hand into the cage holding food a couple of times a day and let him come and sniff you.
Don't let the children try to handle him at all for now, as they will be jumpy and that will frighten him. Let him get used to you first. Give him time.

iloveredwine Sat 13-Feb-16 08:06:45

Thank you I haven't tried to pick him up just let him sniff me but still been bitten. Will keep with it!

rosebiggs Sat 13-Feb-16 13:39:20

Yes he's probably just very scared. The hamster we have now was terrified when we first got him and he was screaming in the corner. We left him be for a bit and he's now very tame. He's 2+ years old now and getting ricketty! He's lovely.

iloveredwine Sat 13-Feb-16 16:19:46

Thank you! He is very hyper and climbs across cage roof every night then drops down. Hopefully he will want to be picked up and stroked as he is very sweet! X

Glassofwineneeded Mon 29-Feb-16 10:43:47

Hi - how is your hamster now? Any tamer? We got a new hamster yesterday and she is terrified and very skittish at the moment. I'm hoping she will calm down soon and we can begin to hold her etc.
Are you able to hold him now?

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