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Tall rabbit runs

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MadAboutMathsMum Fri 12-Jun-15 21:33:15

I am looking at getting some rabbits but have been told that the latest advice is that they need permanent access to a run that is 4ft high. I can't see anything available in that size everything seems to be 2ft high, or if taller not something that is suitable for permanent use as they only have fabric tops. Where do I need to be looking? Thanks

Tsotofamily Fri 12-Jun-15 21:35:31

I made a homemade one, that way I could make fit the hutch and have it long enough to fill all the space available. All the hutches I seen weren't long enough

VivaLeBeaver Fri 12-Jun-15 21:36:20

I went on rabbit and guinea pig forums and found someone fairly local who made one to measure for me.

MadAboutMathsMum Fri 12-Jun-15 21:42:48

grin Thanks, why didn't I think about homemade! Do you have any advice about what wood to use (is any poisonous or not up to chewing rabbits for example)?

Steadycampaign Fri 12-Jun-15 23:50:00

My rabbits live most of the time indoors but when they are outside, I have this one here but also have two large metal gridded runs attached.

This company also offers interesting opportunity for different configurations:


See this info from the Rabbit Welfare Assoc


"instead of the traditional rabbit hutch, why not
make your rabbit habitat an attractive garden
feature? Be imaginative... garden sheds;
summerhouses; or wooden Wendy Houses with an
aviary/run built on the side (acc
essed via a cat
flap) make ideal homes. Remember to provide
adequate additional ventilation - wooden buildings
can overheat rapidly in sun"

Good luck!

Steadycampaign Sat 13-Jun-15 00:04:46

Have just spotted this Rabbit Welfare Association blog in which it mentions various companies that makes bespoke housing for rabbits (in some cases for a rather large fee!!!) [Scroll down]


MadAboutMathsMum Sun 14-Jun-15 20:02:43

Thanks Steadysmile

Steadycampaign Sun 14-Jun-15 21:03:31

My pleasure grin!

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