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Hamster questions

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Spinaroo Mon 29-Dec-14 22:19:59

Dd got a hamster for Christmas and he is utterly adorable but after a period if initial panic, then relaxation, I am back to Double check a few things.

He sleeps- a lot! I know this is normal but when should I be worried? He only comes out for 5-10 minutes at a time maybe four- five times a day. Perhaps he is out at night.

He takes a lot if (mix) food to store in his nest. He shows little interest I. The fresh food I provide. He are like a fiend two days ago and rooted about loads today but I think he may be eating what he stored in his nest.

I think he is peeing beside his water bottle but can't be sure- perhaps it os just the bottle? I have found some poo elsewhere but this area is not damp. I worried he is going it in his nest but don't want to disturb it just yet.

He shows little interest in exploring other parts of the cage( habitrail) and very little interest in cardboard tube for play. shock

He does peek out and look around, when the latch is open he sticks his head out and is now very accepting of being stroked and lifted- occasionally. He will also sometimes respond to us calling bit less today.

So does this sound normal or should I be concerned about anything? If so, all advice gratefully accepted. smile

RoastingYourChestnutsHurtsAlot Mon 29-Dec-14 22:47:41

He's just settling into his new home and finding his feet

Spinaroo Mon 29-Dec-14 23:12:15

Thanks smile. Thought fir so long about this and now after five days are in love already - and want to make sure things are just right.

RoastingYourChestnutsHurtsAlot Tue 30-Dec-14 14:55:51

Ah bless you. Loads of people make the mistake of not letting their pets settle before they handle them, good to see you're not one of them!

Spinaroo Tue 30-Dec-14 15:48:42

Managed to get a good look in the nest today- he had made himself a bed of food! shock

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