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Thanks Guinea Mums - all of you and your lovely furries - meet up|?!?!

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guineapiglet Thu 09-May-13 09:39:28

Hi all, reading my diary over the weekend realise it is now a year since we lost our last lovely lass, Astra, the mutant one with four toes on her back legs, and the amazing caramel mix coat. Goodness she was a feisty personality. She was the last one of our 9 over 8 years, and still feel like I am missing something! Just wanted to say thanks to all of you, this has been a lovely topic to be involved in, so great to meet so many guinea lovers, and people who don't get bored discussing guinea things! I can still give my pearls of wisdom to others I guess, but I do appreciate sharing all your fun and games, and the amazing photos you have all shared! Shame we can't all meet up. Fernie and I found out last month that we were practically neighbours, kids went to same school and shared the same guinea vet as well. I know you are all over the country, so it would be amazing to actually put names to faces and have a guinea meet up!! < resolves to organise this once I have won the lottery>

The garden awaits. Sod it raining again!!!!!

FernieB Thu 09-May-13 10:01:53

I agree guineapiglet. I enjoy reading all the messages and about the piggie/bunny adventures - they lead such interesting little lives.

BonkeyMollocks Thu 09-May-13 14:47:15

You two were neighbors or are neighbors???
Either way - small world innit grin

I also fully agree - i seem to live in this topic now when i come on MN. grin . No one in RL seems to 'get me' when I talk guinea so its so nice to have some like minded people to chat cavvy!

BonkeyMollocks Thu 09-May-13 14:48:09

Right - neighbours or neighbors???

I though the first one but google is telling me its wrong....but it looks right hmm

guineapiglet Thu 09-May-13 16:08:31

Hi bonkey ta for message.... Yes I know what you mean, people can go on endlessly about their own pets, but usually that means a dog, cat or horse!!!! I wish fernie was a neighbour now! Only found out we lived near each other after I had left the nw, sob..... Ps google vv good at American spellings only smile

KRITIQ Thu 09-May-13 18:27:47

Hey, if anyone's around South East Scotland/Edinburgh, would be happy to meet for a pignic! smile

I rarely get through any work related meeting without mentioning guinea pigs in some form. It just sort of slips out somehow! Reactions vary, believe me.

Best one was at a parliamentary reception when a colleague, (for whom I pig sit), introduced another colleague to me with, "and she looks after our guinea pigs." Got some interesting looks from the MSP's, but there you go.

(Crazy Pig Lady!)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 09-May-13 23:18:05

awww Astra.
How did she manage to have extra toes? Were they a proper toe or is it like when people have an extra finger but it's non functioning?
Was it a family trait for your Guinea-Pig.?

(One of our guineas "Ginger" had a tail shock Not a huge one just a couple of extra bones on her spine. She was an extra BOGOF from a GP i bought when I was 14yo and was born and lived with her Mum pig all her life) Ginger was the one who ran upstairs too.

guineapiglet Fri 10-May-13 09:13:02

Oh 70 she was a strange girl, we got her and her sister, Eliza, from a friend who had about 25 of them running around in the garden. Hadn't spotted Astras extra toes until they arrived as babies! They didn't really function as toes but did have blood in them as the nails had to be trimmed..they gave her a distinct waddle and comical walk, bless her, she was a bit special with her gorgeous coat vvvv grumpy!!! Not like Eliza my black and white girl, her sister, who was the psychic one!!

FernieB Fri 10-May-13 09:27:45

guineapiglet - a psychic pig! What did she predict? Mine are able to predict when their cabbage will arrive as they wheek like mad and then it appears (or it could be that they've got me trained like a Pavlovian Dog to respond to the wheeking grin)

Actually my previous bun did seem to know what I was thinking and I have twins who do have the odd weird psychic moment, so I can believe in a psychic pig.

guineapiglet Fri 10-May-13 12:35:04

Its hard to explain really, she was just always there, watching, one step ahead of me. If I opened the door, she would be sitting, watching and waiting, ready to squeak - whatever time it was, not just the regular feeding times if you see what I mean, maybe I mean 'intuitive' - she got very anxious if I wasn't out at the correct time, and would follow me round like a small dog, but had that judgey kind of look all the time, 'did you mean to do that?'.

Bless her, I stayed with her at the end, she was about 4 and a half, and had got rather large, and the vet said it was likely to be ovarian cysts, no way out really. I picked her grass and made her a lovely clean hutch, played her some lovely music all morning, and had to go to work, for a couple of hours, when I returned she had died, but out on the garden were two Eliza coloured magpies. We had never had them before, or ever saw them again???? Spooky!!

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