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i have just had the most tense 35 mins if my life!!!

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TheBonkeyMollocks Thu 27-Sep-12 17:38:45

LittlePig got in with BigPig during playtime shock .

Then I had a mad and moment and thought to wait and see what happens confused !

So I took away the divide and sat in the doorway with my broom and watched.

There was one dodgy moment but a swish with the broom pissed them off enough to stop. Lots of following , lots if chattering, lots of chirping noises. LittlePig attempted some.humping. Which made me have a minor heart attack.

They both shut up enough to eat some apple then sat a foot away from each other in silence!! shock shock

Not sure what to make of this.
Do I try again for a bit everyday together?
I have put BigPig in LittlePigs cage and vice versa in hope that being in 'each others space' make stop them being so arsey. Swap them over everyday?

On a very positive note BigPig got some decent exercise wink !

On a negative note LittlePig seems be going into scent marking over drive! hmm

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 27-Sep-12 17:56:07

Hopefully as Little Pig gets older, his hormones will settle down. And if Big Pig is mellow, then your Little Pig will establish himself as AlphaPig without threat, though he might 'need' to go through the whole "I'm Number One Pig" every time they meet up, until BigPig says "Yeah, What ever " for a quiet life.

The swapping over sounds good, they will get used to each others terriotories (and it sounds alot easier than removing all the smells to make them neutral every time) grin

My GP1 does the marking of space, everywhere he goes he has to drop his 'nads to the floor and deposit a few drops of milky wee.
GP2 is just hmm .Makes things easier all round grin

See how they go, they might be turning a corner (fingers crossed)

TheBonkeyMollocks Thu 27-Sep-12 18:03:32

What I did.notice is that BigPig did no rumbestrutting. He had a rumble.but no anywhere near as much as he did last time.

LittlePig did loads and wiggled his bum rather spectacularly grin

BigPig was not happy to be humped and there was still a few nose to nose.moments but it seemed he could be as arsed as he has been!

I think it may take a while but I have a teeny bit of hope !

Next time i will have some sort of alcoholic beverage to hand to calm my nerves!

TheBonkeyMollocks Thu 27-Sep-12 18:04:40


Can't wait laptop back!

guineapiglet Thu 27-Sep-12 19:26:59

Hi Bonkey - this all sounds really positive - and hopefully they will be able to get on better as time goes on - It is important to let them do this under their own steam, I mean not putting them in each others' cage, but let one natually get in with the other out of curiosity. There will of course be some posturing/chattering etc, as one has 'invaded' the other one's territory - this is what I tried to explain about 'supervising' them, if you have a broom or something at arms length you can separate them if it gets too nasty. The process we had with Little Miss Bossy went on for weeks, letting her get in, upset everyone, be bossy, nose off with the others..... you may need to turn to alcohol before they accept each other.... in the end, we were going away and they had to be in together by a certain deadline.... I took my friends' advice and left them to it, after this process had been going on for ages, there was a lot of squabbling, and I left the tops off the indoor hutch so they could get in and out as needed, when I came back, a nerve wracking three hours later they were all in together voluntarily, and I never separated them again, realising that all the messing about I was doing was not helping. You might just need to bite the bullet, leave them together, but with an escape route if necessary. This arsing about they do is just part of their lives together!!!
Hope it goes OK and they miraculously settle:-)

TheBonkeyMollocks Thu 27-Sep-12 19:54:42

Ah guinea I did think that...maybe they need their own space but I can't have the cages next to each other for them to intrude. Its only during run time that they can be together with enough space that I am happy they have enough room to not yet too arsey.

I realise that I probably need to get on with it and leave them to sort it but I honestly.don't know if I could.leave them for long enough for it to work.
Last time really shook me up.

Would they fight until they had serious damage ? Death? <serious wibble>
Or would they decide that enough is enough and chill?

guineapiglet Fri 28-Sep-12 13:55:35

Hi again - have just been talking to my husband about your predicament, he used to have over 30 guineas at one point, and he knows a bit more about boys than I do, but he said he had never experienced them getting so violent they would really hurt each other seriously, but you do have some experience of blood injuries with them havent you? Maybe you could resolve to give them close intensive supervision, say over a weekend? ( Yes I know it is really difficult to make the time), and really blitz it, stay on their case until they just resign themselves to getting into trouble if they fight. I know I used to patiently explain this to our girls ' you can see each other if you stop fighting' ' I am separating you because you wont stop fighting' - it didnt work. I think the key is having an 'escape route' so that if it does really flare up one can retire gracefully - at some point, one will have to determine permanent dominance and then hopefully that will be that - hopefully. Keep going and good luck!

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