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About to buy some baby guinea pigs (2 brothers) - they are 12 weeks and have never been handled - is it too late to tame them?

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squashedfly Fri 16-Sep-11 21:16:58

I didn't realise people get babies while they are still so young - so now I'm wondering if they are too old to be tamed. I have had piggies before, just not babies - hoping there is not a small window of opportunity where you can get them used to humans. The farm where I am buying them from also have more babies which will be ready in October so I presume they will be much younger than 12 wks, should I hang on and get the younger ones instead?(hope not because I have sort of fallen a bit in love with these two already!!)

thisisyesterday Fri 16-Sep-11 21:18:22

i wouldn't buy any from a "farm" that breeds them to sell tbh

i would try and re-home some that have already got used to being handled and need a loving new place to live

squashedfly Sat 17-Sep-11 06:36:46

Thanks thisisyesterday. It's not a guinea pig farm - it's a children's farm where they have goats and chickens etc and rabbits and guinea pigs that are very tame - they don't sell the animals like a pet shop - there was just a small sign on these two's pen saying ask for details if you would like to buy them (iykwim) and then when I asked she told me about the babies. I don't think they breed them as a business - I could be wrong, but it was just the feeling I got.
But whichever way you look at it, they have def not been handled and that is a bit of a worry. Is there no chance of taming them at this age?

DownbytheRiverside Sat 17-Sep-11 06:55:02

Find their favourite food, handle them for short periods of time regularly and reward them with tasty food. Be very patient. They will become tame in time. However, I would always opt for sisters if possible.
Be aware that you may have to get them neutered later if they start to scrap.

SquigglePigs Sun 18-Sep-11 08:42:52

They are plenty young enough to tame. We had rescue piggies who were nearly a year old when we got them and they are fine. Just be patient and don't rush them.

Purplebuns Sun 25-Sep-11 18:32:13

I have tamed one of our two 18 month (at the time) gps, one just can't bare to be picked up, but will take food from you and the other will resist being picked up but then snuggles in. These are a lot older obviously so you have plenty of scope with these. Neither had been handled apart form very early on before the previous owners kids got bored of them. hmm

squashedfly Tue 27-Sep-11 16:01:10

Thanks everyone! A quick update, the GPs have settled in very well so far, they both are happy to sit on my lap and when I have both of them together on me then they seem very relaxed. One is def more timid than the other, will freeze for ages but eventually will give in to temptation, especially when he can see his brother tucking in to a nice bit of veg! Still got a long way to go, ,but feel very hopeful that they will realise that we are friend not foe and that interacting with us will become a pleasure rather than an endurance test!!! Over all, I have been pleasantly surprised, so thanks for the advice, especially the food bit!!

SquigglePigs Thu 29-Sep-11 06:47:54

Glad they're settling in well. smile

silver73 Thu 29-Sep-11 16:48:17

I got two rescue pigs last year aged 3 and they were not used to being handled. Took about six months but they loves their cuddles now. Keep going with what you are doing and they will be fine.

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