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stickyj Sun 07-Nov-10 08:57:14

Teen daughter's hamster has had his cheek pouch come out. It happened last when when he was visiting teen's boyfreind's house because of the loud fireworks heresmile. She rang, upset and said they'd rung a vet who advised pushing it back with a cotton bud. Didn't work and they got quoted £200 for an emergency vet!!

Any ideas, I've already said that's too much money and she's offered to pay half. Even so, I can't do it.

Any experience/ideas?


ronshar Sun 07-Nov-10 09:00:41

I didnt know that could happen!
£200 for an animal that cost £6.
Sorry in my house it would be a super effort to repair with cotton bud or swift end.
Does it hurt the hamster?
I sound a bit harsh. I do have animals of my own but there is no way I could justify that sort of money on such a small animal which could die being fixed anyway!

Simbacatlives Sun 07-Nov-10 09:04:48

I know it's hard but try again and the leave it. Hamsters only live 2 years and never seem to recover from illness.

Google- there are some great hamster sites with medical advice.

A vet will be cheaper on Monday when not out of hours.

stickyj Sun 07-Nov-10 09:05:02

I can't and don't know how to kill a hamster. She's only occasionally speaks to me (teens!) and she would never forgive me sad

purepurple Sun 07-Nov-10 09:05:09

Does sound an awful lot of money. DD has a hamster and there is no way we could even afford that amount for an emergency op.
I would be worried what had happened to the poor thing to have received that injury, tbh.

Simbacatlives Sun 07-Nov-10 09:07:58

I have googled- it needs a stitch in it. Wait for vet on Monday- or call other vets for quotes. It does tell you how to push it back on several sites.

stickyj Sun 07-Nov-10 09:12:25

Which sites please, I am googling but there's loads!

stickyj Sun 07-Nov-10 09:13:53

We don't know how it happened, she takes great care of it, his cage is cleaner than her room! We were told it's not life threatening but he could get "cheek trauma" which would take longer to fix.

Ryoko Sun 07-Nov-10 15:54:51

Take it to the nearest RSPCA vet clinic, you don't have to pay a fortune it's a charity they would like you to pay what you can afford to but there is no pressure.

If you get Social Security you could take it to Blue Cross and there is the PDSA as well.

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