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My boyfriend is a compulsive liar and I don't know what to do

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Mommycool24 Wed 09-Jan-19 16:58:55

Long story story short. We met 5 years ago, I knew he smoked weed & dabbled abit in cocaine the odd time, this is when we were found and had no responsibilities. He moved in with me, I fell pregnant & he said he was off the drugs obviously because we had a baby on the way, ofcourse I was happy and thought he was off them, found out around 6 months pregnant he was still smoking weed and allowing it a secret from me, ofcourse I was really hurt at him lying to me, but he told me he was sorry and I fell for it and we moved on. About 2/3 months after our son was born I discovered he had Been doing cocaine but again he said that was it and I believed. About a year later he started going out for droves with friends loads, leaving by me for hours on end on my own in the house, not really putting any effort into us and I decided to check his phone & found out that he was flat out on cocaine & in a lot of debt and all his friends knew and were planning behind my back to pretend to be nice and send me up to bed almost every night for an early night and he'll finish off the cleaning when really it was for him to sneak out and do cocaine & I saw texts of him saying "fs she's still up can't get out", again it really hurt my feelings and we broke up for like a week but he gave me a big speech where he said he was stopping and he was sorry and going to change and I believed him, after this all went on it kept happening every other month where I caught him out, he done so much Coke his nose was always was running and bleeding as it was rotting away, he left rolled up bits of paper all over the house that he had dropped, people even called to our home looking drugs or else money for drugs! He took a complete break down one day and we decided to move home and start over again as a family and for him to properly stop the drugs, we moved 2 months ago, I thought all was going well, again he started acting weird and making any excuse to leave the house again, he fell asleep lastnight and I looked through his phone, he's back on cocaine and weed, he's lied to me, he's even went as far as meeting up with a girl to aka drugs with her (from what I picked up by the messages nothing sexual has went on) just meeting up to snort cocaine. He swore on our sons life he wasn't doing drugs again, he's also in a lot of debt again and owes a lot of people money (I helped pay the last debt btw) I'm so hurt and I don't know what to do, he's bad depression, I'm scared if I leave him he'll do something silly, I'm so lost on what to do please help. He's tried to make me believe that I was paranoid every single time when I eventually found out that I wasn't! Why would someone do this who's meant to love you.

Dimsumlosesum Wed 09-Jan-19 17:01:00

You, and most importantly your child, better off without this waste of air. You are NOT responsible for someone else's mental wellbeing. It is NOT your problem how he reacts if you leave.

Dimsumlosesum Wed 09-Jan-19 17:02:29

What on earth are you still doing with tbis piece of shit? Is this honestly the life you envisaged for yourself? Op, get rid of him. He is dragging, DRAGGING, you down with him.

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