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Turning points

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Dotty85 Fri 16-Nov-18 09:59:18

Just curious to hear others stories about what happened with their other halves; what was either the turning point where things got better, or the turning point when you had to leave. I'm currently at a turning point, but have no idea which way to go!

disneyspendingmoney Sun 25-Nov-18 15:02:54

A positive turning point is when you feel you can trust what your OH is doing and you see the effects of change - that takes a long time and a lot of effort.

Unfortunately for me, it was the opposite, after years of no change, all trust gone and things looking like they were continuing to get worse. There was that one moment where I couldn't take it any more and we separated. The following morning on my own, it felt like relief. A bit later when we resumed a bit of contact I realised that was it, I didn't want them to be part of my life.

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