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Opiates and me

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StrongerTea Fri 13-Jan-17 09:04:28

I started a thread under my usual MN name about my abuse of codeine and tramadol and promptly deleted it as someone mentioned that the daily fail would have a field day with a 'health professionals nicking drugs' type storyline.

So I've hidden (ish) this on the health board and can see others have had similar issues with codeine especially. I have abused alcohol seriously in the past but now I'm dry.

I'm not sure what a thread will achieve but any experiences others have had or are currently having with prescription opiates/opioids would be useful and maybe a general support thread could grow.

I'm encountering a period of stress in my life and I'm turning automatically to this. Yesterday I achieved a calming high in the evening by dosing tramadol a few hours before the codeine and i felt in control and just relaxed. Not like a bad parent in the way I did when I was drinking. I need to handle life with some kind of substance.

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