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Cocaine worries

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Tiddlypoo8 Sun 25-Dec-16 03:16:16

Hello there,
I'm trying to seek some support and advice.
I've had the worst year ever and tried Coke a few months back. I was able to take or leave it.

I am slightly concerned because this week I've had quite a lot, and I feel guilty, ashamed.

I wouldn't say I'm hooked, but I can see how people can get that way, like I can easily go days, weeks etc without it, but the night I get some I need more and more in that night.

I feel worried that for the past few days I've spent about £150 a day on it, whereas it used to be the odd £20.

Would it be beneficial to delete the phone number of the person I get it from?
I literally wouldn't be able to get the number again, so might be an idea.

I'm a single mum with a 3 year old & although I never do it around her, I still feel a bad person for using it as a puck- me up coping mechanism when I realise that I cope better without it!

Any advice appreciated. I only have 1 friend who knows about my use honestly.

endofthelinefinally Sun 25-Dec-16 03:24:21

I replied on your other thread OP.
You need to get off it starting now.
You can see our GP and ask for referral.
You can google your local drug and alcohol addiction services.
You can google support groups and cocaine addiction services.

None of these things will be any help unless you take the first step, access the help and stick with it.

It is horribly addictive, cripplingly expensive, causes psychotic symptoms and will get you into loads of debt.
You could lose your DD, your home, possibly your life.

If you care about your DD, get help now. Please.

Freeurmind Sun 25-Dec-16 03:53:38

Wow, you are just at the beginning of this.
Stop now!
It will only get worse, you will never go back to just being able to take it or leave it.
There is never any excuse to waste your money or life getting high.
You have a child for gods sake.
You need to go to your GP asap and deal with the underlying issue.
Thank god you are not further down the line of addiction as it would be much harder to stop.
Your daughter relies on you to be sober and to be there for her, what will happen to her if this addiction takes over you?
You are genuinely asking if you should delete this evil persons number? Of course you should!
You are at the stage where you can stop this and for it to not have an impact on your life or your child's.
You need to stop using cocaine as a crutch and learn coping mechanisms for when you feel really low.
There is zero benefit to taking this drug, you will never be satisfied and you will need more and more to get high.
Think of what you could do with all that wasted money.
You could be investing in your daughters future not sucking up your nose.
Those drug dealers do not care about you and if you get high with your friends then they don't either, they are using you.
I feel very passionate about this as I have seen it devastate families.
You are at a cross-roads right now, what are you gonna do?

RubyPumps Sun 25-Dec-16 04:13:43

Delete the number.

You can then quit the guilt and focus on your and DDs future.

Happy Christmas.

Tiddlypoo8 Sun 25-Dec-16 04:50:35

Big big step but just deleted the number

That was a big one for me

Tiddlypoo8 Sun 25-Dec-16 04:50:52

Now there's no way I can get any

RubyPumps Sun 25-Dec-16 05:03:20

Well done, I'm very happy for you. It's terribly easy to fall into things like this when life is tough isn't it. But it's getting back on track that matters and thank goodness you didn't wait until it was totally out of control. I hope 2017 brings a little more peace and happiness to us all flowers

BigGreenOlives Sun 25-Dec-16 05:16:12

Well done for deleting the number.

Freeurmind Sun 25-Dec-16 12:51:56

Well done. You took the first step to a better future.

endofthelinefinally Mon 26-Dec-16 02:19:47

Look at my thread on the bereavement board.
Whenever you feel tempted read it and consider what would happen to your child if you died.

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