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Does Anyone Know Where To Buy A Cardigan On-Line?

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Fimbo Tue 26-Jul-05 21:24:30

Help - I want/need a cardigan by Saturday. Nothing "granny" - something similar to this but round-necked and most definately not white.

FrenchGirl Tue 26-Jul-05 21:28:10

by saturday I would try Next one of these any good?

Fimbo Tue 26-Jul-05 21:34:48

Thanks Frenchgirl - I may go for the £12.99 one!

FrenchGirl Tue 26-Jul-05 21:36:00

which colour?

Fimbo Tue 26-Jul-05 21:40:55

Well there's another dilema.

Teal - does it go with black?

Brown because it goes with nearly everything I have?

Or sod it and buy both

FrenchGirl Tue 26-Jul-05 21:45:14

go for teal, maybe with a nice co-ordinated necklace?

Fimbo Tue 26-Jul-05 21:52:49

I got something similar to this style of necklace in Greenwich Market except its beige/greyish stone on a black thread. I am going to order both I have decided. Its for my on hols on Saturday to Dorset - dh has looked at the weather forecast and it doesn't look good - hence the cardi!! Thanks for your help

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