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Help me find a dress for wedding on Saturday!

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nikki1978 Sun 13-Sep-09 18:36:02

I have nothing suitable to wear to a friends wedding reception on Saturday and can't find anything at Monsoon or Debenhams. This is the sort of thing I want:-

This style suits me as I am a pear shape with a good waist and arms and my boobs are a C cup. Bum and thighs however need to be covered but with a slim a-line if poss as a full skirt with too much pleating on the hip makes my bottom half look MASSIVE!

Anyway I don't have much spare time to wander round the shops this week so if I can buy something online I will be a happy bunny. I am a size 12 on top so that size will fit me as long as the bottom half isn't too fitted.

Thank you!!

FlyingMonkey Sun 13-Sep-09 19:55:03 Unfortunately none left in the purple....

You could also try Coast for that style of dress.

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