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Our Vertbaudet order just's lovely!

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monkeysmama Thu 10-Sep-09 10:26:10

Placed a rather large order with Vertbaudet the other day which arrived yesterday afternoon. I've only bought a few bits from them in the past but the things that have arrived are lovely!

Let's see how many times I can use the word "lovely" in one post. Forgive me I am tired.

this black wooly dress is lovely though the sleeves are long in RL.

I wasn't sure about this but it is lovely, really thick and looks great under this

this autumn jacket is really, really snug. I would like one for myself actually. It looks a good quality in RL (I think the picture makes it look a bit cheap)

I love my grey hoody for going to the park and this is great. Looks nice on and is very fleecy inside.

Won't go through the entire contents of my daughter's winter wardrobe but thought I'd share these things.

I am sending this back and the quality of these is a bit questionable but they're fine for under things and quite thin so she won't get too hot.

Now I am just waiting for a White Company and Minimode delivery.... I do like shopping.grin

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