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"Boyfriend"; blazer type things

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geordieminx Fri 28-Aug-09 12:45:00

Have I missed the boat with these?

If not, can I wear black one with skinny jeans long vests pumps etc?

Anyone seen any nice ones?

geordieminx Fri 28-Aug-09 16:12:10

bump sad

southeastastra Fri 28-Aug-09 16:19:33

no and yes grin

i saw one in tesco today, though i've got the topshop one, think they look really good.

tulpe Fri 28-Aug-09 17:26:12

I love them too. They look great with skinny jeans and also with dresses.

Think style not "fashion" daaahling If it suits you, wear it!

LetThemEatCake Fri 28-Aug-09 17:34:11

hello minxy!!

don't think you've missed the boat... I mean, it's getting colder, right??? grin

all the s/s style reports were banging on about wearing them over ditsy florals but I think styled the way you've said sounds good for A/W.

not a fan of new look but I kind of like how you can get diff colours here

PitysSake Fri 28-Aug-09 17:53:28

i love new look - by dar hte best bargin fashioon store imo
I got one last year form Zara of all places that i then washed by msitake ( wail) and got a replacement that is not as good, again from zara so look there

geordieminx Fri 28-Aug-09 20:09:28

Have ordered one online and a coat and dress from Newlook as had a code for 20% off

Littlepurpleprincess Sat 29-Aug-09 14:09:58

I think that sounds like a really cool outfit actually. They do a nice one in Primark for £13 but they only go down to a size 8 and I find their size 8 to big. (I'm a little vertically challenged).

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