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Curling tongs Vs GHDs for taming unruly hair?

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RamblingRosa Thu 27-Aug-09 10:50:53

I naturally have bird's nest hair. It's not properly curly but it's not straight either and is prone to serious frizz/fluff. I've tried wearing it shorter (thinking I'd be able to GHD it to sleek perfection every day) but it just made it spring up more and harder to tie back. I generally wear it long as the weight pulls it down a bit.

Anyway, I'm rubbish with a hairdryer (tends to make it more puffy/fluffy than if I leave it to dry naturally) so I either just leave it natural (and tie it back) or I run the GHDs through it to tame it a bit. I've been wondering about getting big curling tongs to use instead of the GHDs. I wouldn't be aiming for ringlets, just slightly sleeker more uniform curls/waves than my natural bird's nest.

What do you think? Do they work? Are they as bad/worse for your hair than straighteners? Can you use them all the time or just special occasions? Do you roll the hair up and hold it for a bit (if so, doesn't this totally fry your hair) or do you just roll it up and release it straight away?

Sorry for long post. I'm a curling tong virgin!

MarmadukeScarlet Thu 27-Aug-09 10:55:04

I have masses of thick bouncy frizz hair not straight not curly just voluminous!

I wear it long so weight pulls it down or I just look like crystal tipps.

I have some Remington straighteners which you can use on wet hair, called wet2straight, only thing that works for me.

RamblingRosa Thu 27-Aug-09 11:49:48

Thanks. But no curling tongs?

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