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I bought a dress from Ebay, and...

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ElfOnTheTopShelf Sat 11-Jul-09 22:00:36

its bloody see through.
Its lovely, but I dont do see through dresses grin
What can I wear underneath? In my head, I'm thinking I need "a slip" (is that the right term?! And if so, where can I get one!

lisad123 Sat 11-Jul-09 22:01:38

off to marks and sparks with you my dear

ElfOnTheTopShelf Sat 11-Jul-09 22:05:37

thanks - just found some on their website. Just disappointing that it may cost me twice what I paid for the dress grin

macherie Sat 11-Jul-09 22:06:36

A nude slip from M&S like this

ElfOnTheTopShelf Sat 11-Jul-09 22:07:34

is there such a thing as rules for slips? If the dress is long, should the slip be long too?

macherie Sat 11-Jul-09 22:20:24

I think they should be roughly the same lenght. I your dress is very see through, the slip will change the look of the fabric, so if the slip is short and the dress is long the overall look won't be great.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Sat 11-Jul-09 22:22:50

Will have to take it with me when I go to buy the slip. I'm sure its missing part of the dress, (dress is originally M&S, and I refuse to accept they sell see through clothes!)

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