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Talk to me about hair dye..pleeese

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bicci Tue 09-Jun-09 14:29:10

The time has come.
I have those small grey pubic hair bits at my temples just beginning.
Have never dyed before, and read alarming things about how strong some of them are ( you can tell me to shut up and not listen to that if you want though)

I've bought some stuff called "nature tint" - anyone tried it?

Or any recommendations for good natural type.

I'm disproportionally afraid of making a hash of it-and wearing a headscarf for weeks.

earthpixie Tue 09-Jun-09 16:02:23

A good tip is that you should always choose a shade a bit lighter than you think you need if you have mid to darkish hair. That wy you avoid having a really unnaturally solid colour. My mum has mid brown hair and was suprised when a hairdresser recommended that she use a drak blonde shade to conceal her greys, but it worked well as they looked more like little highlights and the rest of her hair wasn't especially altered.

If you're very nervous, why not try a semi-permament first?

earthpixie Tue 09-Jun-09 16:02:36


bicci Tue 09-Jun-09 18:43:17

Thanks earth.
Someone else said that to me too, so I'll heed your advice.

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