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spray tan at salon

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cheesesarnie Sun 07-Jun-09 16:14:49

im having a spray tan at a salon next week(treat from my dad),ive never had one before.they said about exfoliating-what with? and they said wear as much or as little as want-is pants and strapless bra ok?

also how long do they tend to last?

MrsMattie Sun 07-Jun-09 16:21:16

I have St Tropez tans fairly regularly.

I exfoliate using a mixture of olive oil and sugar, but you can buy a regular exfoliator from the shop if you prefer. They say not to moisturise beforehand, but I have very dry skin, so use a a small amount of body lotion after I've exfoliated and showered the night before. Have never had any prblems. Don't use deoderant, though.

Wear a g-string and either go braless or wear the lightest material bra you've got (underwiring and lacy bits are more likely to leave marks). Wear dark colours - a tee shirt that you can pull n easily and leggings or jersey trousers, or a pull on dress. Wear flip flops.

Are you getting a lift home afterwards? Best if you can.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Sun 07-Jun-09 16:21:58

Not sure what to recommend in terms of a good exfoliator but I would only wear tiny pants and go bra-less, tbh. Beauty therapists have seen it all before and you will get a better coverage and not have to worry about "tan lines"

Its been a while since I had a spray tan but I seem to recall it lasting for about 5 days hmm?

MrsMattie Sun 07-Jun-09 16:24:13

Mine last really deeply for 3 days and fade totally after 5 days.

cheesesarnie Sun 07-Jun-09 16:25:00

thanks oil and sugar sounds nice-just rub it in and wash off -yes?im not sure i can do g-string(im not sure if i still have any)-she might laugh at my bum.
dont think i can get a lift home afterwards-i think dh will be working.

thanks-im quite excited about being bronzed!

will it come off on sheets that night?its just all our bedding is white or cream.i could use a throw for the night.

MrsMattie Sun 07-Jun-09 16:39:48

I have had St Tropez tans with a hideous post-section overhang and stretchmraks to make you squirm and the spray ladies haven't even flinched. They have seen it all before.grin

Yes, just make a mixture of oil and sugar in a plastic cup or something, rub it in in the shower and then rinse.

cheesesarnie Sun 07-Jun-09 22:15:41

ok,i might be brave.we live in tiny town and everyone knows everyone.and the lady is my step brothers girlfriend.i just hope she doesnt go laughing at my dodgy bitsgrin.

i'll defiantly do the oil and sugar!

Chunkamatic Sun 07-Jun-09 22:25:09

Just a warning if you do have to get a bus or anything... the way they work (or the ones I have had) is that they develop for between 8 to 12 hrs and then you rinse them off to reveal a lovely bronze glow. However, when they are on your skin developing they go REALLY dark - like literally brown.I had to go out when I was mid-development and everyone was very shock!!!

You will be quite dark when you leave the salon BTW, and yes it mighht come off on your sheets - it will definately come off on your clothes a bit so like MrsMattie said wear something dark - and loose.

FWIW i've been to different salons and been given paper knickers. I assume you'd be able to keep yours on though if you want though. And they have seen it all before - one girl I went to was joking that she wanted to set up some hooks for women to hang their norks on to avoid white marks - so I took that to mean she was saying I had saggy boobs!

cheesesarnie Sun 07-Jun-09 22:34:46

grin chunk at the hooks,how rude!

now im worried as im having it done at 10,have to pick ds2 up at 12 and dd and ds1 up at 3.oh dear!they said 5 hours is deveopment time with this one.

Chunkamatic Sun 07-Jun-09 23:15:00

Well they might all be different so dont worry too much. But mine were quite dark he he grin. Sorry that's not helpful... i'm like ghosty white normally though so that didnt help for the shock factor. And you might smell a bit... biscuity? I spent a lot of money on having a salon tan and it was really quite smelly.

Sorry I do just want to prepare you for the worst... you can always just stick a hat on and not hang around the school gates if it is bad?

Anyway, it will be well worth it when you have a lovely golden tan the next day you will feel really healthy and summery so well worth any short-term trauma!!

cheesesarnie Mon 08-Jun-09 00:03:37

grin thanks- i think!

i am excited!i never do 'me' things!

Chunkamatic Mon 08-Jun-09 12:58:47

Cheesesarnie - how did it go? Are you all bronzed and glamorous? grin

cheesesarnie Tue 09-Jun-09 21:23:39

not yet grin.its on friday-then hopefully i'll be bronzed and glamorous!(heres hoping!)

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