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Just bought Crocs Alice

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littlebrownmouse Fri 05-Jun-09 14:13:42

and evn though they fit me, they're a bit 'snug'. The lady in the shop assures me that they'll give and soon be dead comfy. Is she talking crap or will they. Should I take the labels off and get on with or take them back?

PS I know we don't DO Crocs on Mumsnet, but they are rather nice and I Do Do Crocs.

shhhh Fri 05-Jun-09 20:29:38

Never bought alice crocs (only the caymen ones) BUT think I did buy a pair and returned them...iir they are a snug fit and they are meant to be fitted unlike the caymen etc style.Personally I didn't like the look as made my feet look small (im only a 4 anyway) and a bit funny iykwim..

Personal choice I guess. I don't think they will "give" that much so you may consider trying the next size up.? Worth a try. Take the ones you have bought to the shop, try the bigger size and decide from there...

may not be any help..sorry blush

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