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Going on my first "sunshine" holiday for ages, need advice

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emsiewill Mon 18-Apr-05 20:16:42

Dh and I are going to Keffalonia for a week at the end of May. We're going without the kids, and it's the first "sun" holiday we've had for about 11 years.

In the last year I've taken up running, lost about 2 stone, and feel a lot happier about my body than I have for a long while (here's a clue as to how long - dd1 is 8!). However, I feel there's probably stuff I should be doing if I'm going to dare to bare my legs (currently very white and hairy), and also I'm planning on wearing a tankini, which is very daring for me.

So, I guess I need to pay attention to the horrible hard skin on my feet, I know I need to deal with unwanted body hair (legs, pits, tache ). I'm also planning on having a St Tropez before I go; I'm a white skinned red-head, and I just think that any flabby bits (and there are plenty) look better with a tan.

But what else should I do to make sure I look the best I can? Does anyone do body brushing? There was an article about it in the paper at the weekend, and it sounded great for making skin look 'fresh'. I also fancy that micro dermabrasion thing by L'Oreal - anyone tried it?

Any other tips / handy hints gratefully received.

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Apr-05 20:57:42

emsiewill, do a search on cod's horned hoof club for foot advice. Don't know about other stuff but have a lovely time!

emsiewill Mon 18-Apr-05 21:21:50

Thanks for that www. I already have the flexitol heel balm as suggested by the horned hoof club (I really believe that my life would be very different without mn).

I'm so not a 'pampering myself' person, that I need other people to tell me how to do it!

I think it's something to do with being 35, I fear it's all going to be downhill from here, and I'm desperately trying to make it less of a slope (if you get the analogy)


Cam Mon 18-Apr-05 21:39:42

emsiewill, congratulations on losing 2 stone, that's a brilliant achievement - you must be skinny now! Just thinking you could reward yourself for all that effort by going to a local beauty salon and having everything waxed, a facial and a pedicure. Only thing is it is best to do this a week or so before you go on holiday as waxing can leave your legs a bit red straight after and a facial can "bring out" a few spots for a couple of days after. You would have to get rid of excess body hair and exfoliate anyway before applying a fake tan.

emsiewill Mon 18-Apr-05 21:52:54

Cam, I wish I was skinny. But at least I'm 2 stone lighter

I think you could be right about getting it all done in one fell swoop - in fact, we have a beauty place across the road (you see I told you I was thick about these things - the answer is staring me in the face!).

Still interested to know if anyone does body brushing and / or the L'Oreal thing.

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