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what do you think to this dress and what would you wear with it?

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mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 19:08:09


what about some kind of chunky black beads?

rubyslippers Thu 12-Feb-09 19:11:02

i wouldn't wear a necklace with it as the pattern is very busy

would go for some chunky bangles though

mrsmaidamess Thu 12-Feb-09 19:11:54

I think black beads might get lost on such a busy black print. How about something like chunky beads in a bold colour, like orange, electric blue or green?

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Thu 12-Feb-09 19:12:46

I would go for chunky gold bangles with that dress. Black beads will be too much. Would also maybe team with some gold earrings too - it will balance out the pattern so it isn't wearing you!

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 19:13:11

would this go?

AccidentalMum Thu 12-Feb-09 19:13:21

ITA.....beads might look confusing ly like a part of the pattern, love the bangles idea. I would never have come up with that on my own BTW,am in awe of people who just know that sort of thing.

LoveMyLapTop Thu 12-Feb-09 19:14:42

I was thinking silver bangles as it has silver in the dress
and some big silver hoop earrings
black opaque tights
and High heeled ankle boots

mrsmaidamess Thu 12-Feb-09 19:14:58

I did see that leaf design necklace but I reckon it would get lost. Bangles a good idea.

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 19:15:57


mrsmaidamess Thu 12-Feb-09 19:16:37

Whats the occasion mrs h?

rubyslippers Thu 12-Feb-09 19:17:27

nice - but try to get chunkier if you can

daisydora Thu 12-Feb-09 19:18:06

love the dress...I'm after a new one might have a look myselfgrin

Agree chunky bangles are fab idea

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 19:18:11

no occasion just want to stop being a tramp

brimfull Thu 12-Feb-09 19:19:29

black chunky bangle

black opaques

fab shoes or shoe/boots

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 19:22:15

can anyone show me how chunky you mean?

brimfull Thu 12-Feb-09 19:25:03

like this or even chunkier

LoveMyLapTop Thu 12-Feb-09 19:25:04

At the moment you can buy multi packs of bangles , chunky and thin together for about £12.
THey had loads in DP and Top Shop today.
I bought a fab dress today in principles for hafl price. Yaay me!

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 20:14:25

lovemylaptop link please

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 20:14:43

to the dress you got

Marne Thu 12-Feb-09 20:19:35

mrshamiltiongiles- i have that dress, only bought it last week, i have worn it as a dress with thick tights and boots or with skinny jeans, it would look great with some large beads.

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 20:30:01

marne do you wear a top underneth it? are you pleased with it?

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 21:13:39

ok i've ordered it

LoveMyLapTop Thu 12-Feb-09 21:50:54 here

mrshamiltiongiles Thu 12-Feb-09 22:02:06

i like it

LoveMyLapTop Thu 12-Feb-09 22:03:01

Thnks, yours is nice too!

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