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100 denier opaques

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SeymourButz Mon 19-Jan-09 18:52:29

Do marks not sell them?

brimfull Mon 19-Jan-09 18:55:55

I have never seen 100 denier

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 19-Jan-09 18:56:03

they only seem to do 60 denier.
are they for child or adult?

SeymourButz Mon 19-Jan-09 18:57:28

They do exist.

SeymourButz Mon 19-Jan-09 18:58:58

80 here

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 19-Jan-09 19:03:10

can get them online

brimfull Mon 19-Jan-09 19:03:49

do they have to come from marks??

SeymourButz Mon 19-Jan-09 19:03:55

Ta! God "old rose" aint gonna look nice.

MrsBadger Mon 19-Jan-09 19:03:59

up to 200 here

brimfull Mon 19-Jan-09 19:09:50

saw someone wearing fab purple thicko tights at funeral last week with black mini
she was a good diversion from the morose vicar

SeymourButz Mon 19-Jan-09 19:17:45

LOl at 200 denier

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 19-Jan-09 19:21:21

200 de
nier, They would be skinny trousers really wouldnt they!

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