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smart formal

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lal123 Thu 23-Oct-08 09:45:09

I'm going to an event week after next - drsscose is "smart formal" - I'm assuming this means that I'll finally have an excuse to wear my new long black monsoon dress? Also - could I wear a coloured cardi/bolero with matching handbag/shoes rather than all balck or would it look ridiculous?

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Thu 23-Oct-08 11:31:27

Dress is a definite. Matchy-matchy accessories on the other hand.......I would go for a coloured bolero OR a fab bag OR fab shoes - try to go for one "eye catching" detail rather than overload.

lal123 Thu 23-Oct-08 13:31:51

what about something like this?

lal123 Thu 23-Oct-08 13:32:44

ooooh or this???

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