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you know those massive great pants that reach from your cleavage to your knees?

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DisasterArea Tue 23-Sep-08 21:26:54

do you wear your tights under them or over them? and does wearing tights defeat the streamlined silhoette look and make bulges in the middle? and if so what sort of hose should a fat girl wear?

DisasterArea Wed 24-Sep-08 09:26:16

does nobody know what i am to do? it will be all your faults when i go to posgh wedding looking like a trussed up duvet.

HuwEdwards Wed 24-Sep-08 09:28:43


I would think to wear tights under would be a bit well...moist after a while. Can you get silhouette tights as well, to complement said apple-catchers?

nervousal Wed 24-Sep-08 09:30:18

If wearing tights I'd wear them over the huge pants. If your tights leave your silhoette bulgy them try hold ups?

RubyRioja Wed 24-Sep-08 09:31:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Wed 24-Sep-08 09:32:18

I wear hold ups with mine, the rubber clings brilliantly to the stretchy stuff.

Oh the glamour that is my post baby body. grin

fishie Wed 24-Sep-08 09:32:48

over. the tights won't be as strong as the pants so shouldn't make any extra bulge. maybe a slip if you are very worried, although you might then be so hot as to not need tights.

or a pair of tights with strong pants effect inbuilt?

nervousal Wed 24-Sep-08 09:34:46

lol- I wore a pair of those massive ultimo pants things with the bra straps on at the weekend. Looked lovely with clothes on! However, having a wee through the "aperture" is one of the weirdest things I've ever had to do - just felt WRONG!

bossykate Wed 24-Sep-08 09:35:13

hi. going against the grain here - but if it's a very clingy dress i'd say under. but check for bulges in the mirror, depending on your dress you may get away with over.

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