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How do I hide a bruised lip??? Lippy ain't working.......

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laurenslovelymummy Sun 14-Sep-08 15:07:02

Ok, have a slight dilema. Had a drink with a guy from work last night, and got a bit carried away grin after some wine. After saying to him to keep things to himself as I don't want people gossiping, I've came home looked in the mirror and have a bruised lip. I remember him having a nibble but didnt realise it was that hard! Arrrgh!!!

Any tips on how to hide it? I can think of so many excuses but I'm a crap liar and chances are my face will go a lovely shade of red if anyone questions me blush

theSuburbanDryad Sun 14-Sep-08 15:12:17

Concealer then lippy? Is it swollen? You need to take the swelling down first if so - try a cool pack or a bag of peas.

I'd go nuts if a bloke bruised my lip - intentional or not - but maybe i'm just uptight! hmm

laurenslovelymummy Sun 14-Sep-08 15:27:22

Oh, i've got a really good concealer actually - will give that a go just now! It's not really swollen, though I did text him to tell him off grin think he feels quite bad! It certainly wont be happening again!!!!

laurenslovelymummy Sun 14-Sep-08 15:43:04

bugger, can still see it through all that. I think I'm just going to need to make an excuse and hope I don't glow red

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sun 14-Sep-08 15:44:41

Are you both single ??

If so, what is the problem ??

giraffescantdancethetango Sun 14-Sep-08 16:28:43

say you were drunk and tripped - thats embarassing enough to explain the blushing

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