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Green complexion corrector - help please?

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InTheseShoes Fri 29-Aug-08 14:10:03

I have been having a nightmare recently, developed stress related eczema around the eyes, nose, chin, and then impetigo on top of that, didn't realise about the impetigo and kept re-infecting... grrrr.... anyway, also as a side line(because I needed a little more, non?) I also seem to have developed an allergy to different make ups where previously I have been able to use any old thing. Interestingly my mum did at this age (37) too - to lanolin, which seems to be the same for me.

A dose of ABs, some epaderm and scrutinising of ingredients later (No 7 v good for non-lanolin) everything seems better,but the eyes are still quite red, understandable after months of flaring up, swelling, flaking, repeat ad in finitum. So, I got a No7 green corrector for rosy skin, but when I use it, how should it work? Do I rub it in until it disappears, or leave a film on the skin? I can't quite get it to work properly, at the present, it looks a bit like scrambled egg on the surface of the skin. Which is a good look, obv...

Any lanolin free recommendations also? (off to ask in Allergies too)

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