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Help I need a new look

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bluebell1 Wed 20-Aug-08 09:47:16

Hi all i havent asked for advice in this section before so be kind.Im going back to college in september and dont have a clue what to wear.I havent bought any clothes in a long time.Im 5ft 3 and at present a size 14-16 im losing weight quite quickly though as im on a vlcd.I would just like advice on a few essentials that i should have in my wardrobe.I seem to wear the same sort of thing most days at the moment as i have been unhappy with my body since having my second child in 2006.

Jewelsandgems Wed 20-Aug-08 14:23:46

I think your main essential would be some great jeans - get them so they are long on you, and wear with a nice platform court shoe or boot (the reason I am saying platform is that they give you height without meaning a sk high heel) and should help you look taller thus more streamlined.

Tops-wise, you haven't said what shape you are, or what you looks you hate so is hard to make a suggestion....have you a defined waist (in which case perhaps a lovely belted wool coat - can be worn with skirts too)...

bluebell1 Wed 20-Aug-08 14:32:26

Thanks for your reply jewelsandgemssmile.Sorry new to this.I am a pear shape i think big bottom,wide hips.I do have a tummy but quite a defined and high waist.I am average up top neither big nor small.

What style of jeans would you suggest?Im so sorry im totally clueless.blush.

Jewelsandgems Wed 20-Aug-08 15:45:12

No worries bluebell

Jeans-wise, definately bootcut, darker in colour and ideally I think you want them to hug your leg to around your knee, and then flare out from there, giving you balance with regards to your hips.

I think these are really nice, are wider in the leg though but as long as you added height in the form of footwear, and a fitted top, I think would look great:

This is a stright down wide-legged jean but again worn with heels would give you a lovely long-legged look (but there is a chance without rught footwear you may look squatty) and the higher waist may work well for you too:

Do you like the style of any of those? I have literelly just picked a few from the one website. And also, have you a budget in mind?

Jewelsandgems Wed 20-Aug-08 20:17:40

Also these:
oasis jeans

darker oasis ones

bluebell1 Thu 21-Aug-08 09:08:55

Ooh i love both of the oasis jeans i havent worn jeans in ages.I dont really have a budget in mind but i dont want to be spending too much as i am planning to keep shrinkinggrin.

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