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Fish Pedicures

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beautyscientist Thu 24-Jul-08 07:38:11

Has anyone heard about the use of small toothless carp as a pedicure? I have just posted a bit about it on my blog

I am still waiting for permission to post an image illustrating it.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 24-Jul-08 17:12:23


Not for me, BS

Dragonbutter Thu 24-Jul-08 17:18:32

so you put your feet in a pool and the carp nibble at the dead skin?
what sort of facilities would you require to set that up as a business?
can't see it taking off tbh.
unless the carp do tips as well

SexyMilf Thu 24-Jul-08 17:26:57

I've experinced this - it sounds sooooo weird I know, but it is brilliant, tickly and really funny.

I went last year with a group of girlfriends to a Spa in South East Asia (when I lived there) and they had this big pool, we all sat on the side chatting with drinks with our toes in the water while the little fishys nibbled our toes, ankles and legs for about 20 mins, such a cool experience and the smoothest my feet have EVER been.

It's sounds weird, but if you ever get the chance to try this you must grin

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 24-Jul-08 17:30:58


I couldn't, I just couldn't.

I can feel my gorge rising

Respect to SM


SexyMilf Thu 24-Jul-08 18:25:13


brimfull Thu 24-Jul-08 18:30:23

god I could never do that

aaaarrghh at the thought

maidamess Thu 24-Jul-08 18:32:46

I would be kicking like a donkey. And probably killing most of the fish.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 24-Jul-08 18:33:00

I liked it better before I read the link and
just thought that if theres one thing fish
need even less than a bicycle...

brimfull Thu 24-Jul-08 18:34:26

Just looked at link,actually I don't think those miniscule fish could handle my hard skin feet need a tank of piranhas!

FluffyMummy123 Thu 24-Jul-08 18:36:33

Message withdrawn

maidamess Thu 24-Jul-08 18:37:20

Someone pushing their blog? On Mumsnet? The outrage!!

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