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Do not wash - cover only

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MoltonSilver Wed 18-Nov-20 02:13:07

I really like this dress but the washing instructions say "Do not wash. Cover only". Does anyone know what that means? Is it intended to be disposable hmm? What is "cover only"?

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Tavannach Wed 18-Nov-20 02:34:53

Interesting - 'Cover only' comes under Drying Instructions, but why would you dry it if you hadn't washed it?
Email hush and ask them wtf they're on?

MooseBeTimeForSummer Wed 18-Nov-20 02:54:37

Have they put the wrong label on it? Reads like it should be for a cushion or pillow etc.

HomeSliceKnowsBest Wed 18-Nov-20 06:34:34

I'd hand wash/delicate wash it. Most stuff survives that regardless of label, infact it hasn't killed anything yet...

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