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Ugg Lorna boots

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mammmamia Fri 30-Oct-20 22:12:23

Looking to get these - tried them on and they are amazingly comfortable - wondering if they last? Anyone got a pair?
What do people think of how they look?

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mammmamia Fri 30-Oct-20 22:12:43

I’m looking at the brown ones

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mammmamia Sat 31-Oct-20 09:45:37

Hopeful morning bump!

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Gurufloof Sat 31-Oct-20 10:28:36

I dont have lorna but a similar style that I cannot remember the name of. Mine are 4 years old and for the zero effort I put into looking after them they look ok. They also were my first uggs and were worn constantly for a long time. Ive since gone on to buy other uggs. I love them all.
I buy in the outlet or in sales.
Just try on in a shop first to get your size. I'm a 5.5 in most shoes a 6 in boots but I'm a 7 in uggs.

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