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La Redoute sizing???

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Skyler Thu 04-Oct-07 16:00:07

Is it fairly true to life?? How would you compare it to high street. I would love to order some things but get so disappointed when they don't fit (esp if too small wink.

TinyGang Thu 04-Oct-07 16:06:17

I find them on the v small side.

Skyler Thu 04-Oct-07 16:11:38

I thought it might be as it is French isn't it? That is why I wanted to check. Hmmm. Perhaps I will just order two sizes of stuff and prepare for returns. I am a Next size 12 bottom and Next 14 top, so do you recommend going up a size? Thanks.

contentiouscat Thu 04-Oct-07 16:19:11

Generally I go up about 2 sizes, they do seem to be very small.

Skyler Thu 04-Oct-07 16:20:57

2 sizes, oh no! Do they do a size 18? I will have a look later. Thanks for your help.

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